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Jenna Mcleod, LCMHCA

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About me....

"My approach to counseling is in reverence for the whole person, your whole experience, especially your  mind-body connection. Within the therapeutic alliance, I have seen this happen when clients gain integration and acceptance of their experiences, increase their authenticity, and are able to be in the here-and-now moment. I utilize a somatic approach, Gestalt Therapy, and a Trauma-informed lens. This means while we explore your experiences, we are also exploring the impact it has on your body’s nervous system, our relationship, and your named goals. We can also incorporate creative expression in our work together. This includes visual arts, movement, music, storytelling, and writing to help explore, name, and evolve your emotions and self-awareness in a different way than talking can. In therapy sessions, the outcome or product of your art is not point, but the process. What came up for you when creating it? How does it feel to look at it now? This non-traditional process encourages trust, acceptance, curiosity, non-judgment, and freedom. Especially when you get to decide what happens with the art afterwards – throwing it away, burning it, framing it, etc. My background includes my counseling program’s internship at Our VOICE, a local community agency that serves people impacted by sexual violence. My counseling work primarily focused on adults with concerns related to trauma (past and present), grief, anxiety, depression, sexuality, relationship issues, and cultural oppression. I provided individual and group counseling. In non-counseling roles, I have also worked with trauma survivors in prisons and substance abuse treatment programs." 

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Jenna McLeod, LCMHCA

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