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Controlled Substances


Anyone that wishes to transfer/become a new client at this practice, and is taking any type of controlled substance, must have their medical/psychiatric records faxed to our practice prior to an appointment being scheduled. Fax # (765) 392-4263. WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE BENZODIAZEPINES FOR CLIENTS. If this is a need we can refer you other practices that may help you with this. Our providers will perform assessments to determine if they agree with a prior diagnosis by a different provider, and will prescribe based on their findings. 




Daya Mental Health & Wellness is considered in network with the following insurance companies but not all of our providers take every insurance. Please check each providers profile to determine which insurance they take. We do not accept insurance for any couples or family therapy sessions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Healthcare - (some providers only)



TriCare Certified Provider

Unfortunately we are not credentialed with any Medicaid or Medicare plans even if they say "United" or "Blue Cross" on your paperwork/card. We understand this is confusing and advise you to reach out to the contact numbers available for the plan you have so they may help you find a provider.

Please check with your insurance companies to determine your coverage. We will bill insurance companies and remaining co-insurances and deductibles will be the patients responsibility. Any unpaid balances after 60 days will become the patients responsibility.

We understand insurance is confusing. Please take time to view this short video, as it may help you to better understand the different terminology and help you to determine the amount you must pay for care.


Cancellation Policy


Failure to keep your scheduled appointment will result in a charge for initial evaluations and for follow-up visits unless you cancel at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the appointment time.  In emergent circumstances, please immediately contact us and if the circumstance is determined to be dire, this fee may be waived. This fee cannot be waived more than once. Fee: $200 for NP/PAs. $150 for therapists.



Refill Requests


Patients receiving prescriptions for medication will receive enough medication until the next scheduled follow-up appointment. Therefore, calling for refills is generally not necessary. In emergent circumstances, please immediately contact us and if the circumstance is determined to be dire, you may be allowed a one- time refill request. This refill will be a bridge to allow you to safely get to your next appointment. No controlled substances will be given outside of appointments under any circumstances. 


Telehealth Appointments

Some of our practitioners provide telehealth appointments. With any of our providers, you must physically be in the state that the provider is licensed in (NC) at the time of the appointment. Restrictions are also placed on clients that receive controlled substances. These clients must attend an in person first initial appointment before certain medications may be prescribed. All other appointments can be telehealth. Appointments with a Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant may require the client to obtain labs and even equipment (blood pressure machine, scales etc) to safely monitor conditions via telehealth.

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