The purpose of the ketamine experience is to create an enhanced state of consciousness to facilitate transpersonal and non-ordinary experiences for growth, enhancement of flexibility versus being stuck, and for therapeutic benefit. These may prove valuable in resolving your existential problems, accelerating your psycho-spiritual growth, and leading to positive personal transformation, relationships, and lifestyle improvement. Such change occurs within a structured, supportive connection with a therapist who sees your issues, hopes, desires, and struggles. As a byproduct of your experience, you may improve your emotional state and reduce symptoms that bother you, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic manifestations. You may well notice that you are different after a ketamine experience and that difference may well be liberating and allow for new mindfulness and new behavior.

One of ketamine's benefits is that it increases neuroplasticity, a process that repairs damaged brain synapses or neuron connections, which become impaired over time due to long-term stress, depression, and other suspected factors. Ketamine shifts the brain into a more reparative mode and a corrective state. Old ruminative patterns change with increased mental and cognitive flexibility and openness to new learning and growth.


Do you have training?


Our KAP therapist is a masters level therapist that has specialized training in ketamine assisted psychotherapy through the Polaris Institute as well as training in EMDR used for trauma work.

Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner has a masters degree as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and is board certified through the ANCC. She obtained her KAP training through Polaris Institute and Rainfall Medicine

How do i get started?

Client completes screening paperwork and submits to Daya for review

Clients provider may reach out to our office to send a referral. Providers can fax or email records or a treatment summary to 765-392-4263 or

Please make sure you have a release of information on file for other providers

Review of information/ client records by our providers to rule out anything that may exclude client from treatment 

Download Screening Paperwork Here---->

Where's the research?

There is no shortage of research available on ketamine assisted therapy for a variety of mental health concerns. We have compiled a list that will allow you to get started learning about how ketamine is changing lives

What does the process look like?

Once you submit the screening paperwork we will schedule you for our intakes.

1  Intake appointments:

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Assessment and Intake - 90 minutes

  • Therapist Assessment and Intake - 60 minutes


**A decision will be made at this point if client is a good candidate for KAP**


2. Preparation sessions:

  • Preparation Session with Nurse Practitioner - 30 minutes

  • Preparation session with therapist - 60 minutes


3.  KAP session:

  • Evaluation, assessment, medication administration and monitoring for 40 minutes by nurse practitioner

  • KAP session with therapist and monitoring by nurse practitioner on site - up to 180 minutes


4. Integration session:

  • Usually 1-2 days post KAP session

  • Therapist integration session - 60 minutes

**Evaluation/ administration with nurse practitioner, KAP Session and Integration sessions will repeat weekly for 4 weeks or a predetermined time by providers and client**


5. Completion of sessions:

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner visit to evaluate physical and mental health and provide resources and/or records to current providers - 40 minutes

  • Therapy exit ceremony- 60 minutes

What is the cost?



  • Initial intake with psychiatric nurse practitioner -  $250 ***

  • Initial intake with therapist - $175 ***


Preparation Session

  • Prep session with therapist and nurse practitioner - $250 ***


KAP Session

  • Evaluation, medication administration and monitoring (start of each session) - $150 ***

  • KAP session with therapist - Up to 3 hours - $450


Integration Sessions

  • Integration Session with therapist - 60 minutes - $150 ***


Completion Sessions

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - $180 ***

  • Therapist - 60 minutes - $150 ***



  • Urine drug screen and/or pregnancy screen - $10

  • Labs - Varies. Laboratory will submit insurance claims and bill you directly.

  • Medications - Cost varies and insurance can be billed directly from pharmacy

We now accept CARE CREDIT!


***  =  insurance billed for these services