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Wilson Bell, LCSWA, LCAS

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About me....

I know that when I was looking to make positive changes in my life, I wanted someone who could empathize and relate to my struggles.  That is why I first and foremost want to use a relational approach to therapy.  I try to meet each client where they are.  This can look different for each client, but my first goal is to create a warm therapeutic relationship that can cultivate trust and openings.  I hope to help clients work towards greater self love and acceptance and move out of isolation.  As humans we are wired for connection, but mental health disorders often create a self sabotaging loop that leads us towards isolation and disconnection, both with ourselves and others.


I bring to the table 7 years of experience working in the mental health field.  During this time, I found a passion and purpose empowering clients to make positive changes in their lives.  I found one of the most rewarding experiences to be working at a needle exchange in Greensboro, called GCSTOP, where myself and other social workers provided post overdose outreach, safer using practices, linkage to care, and unconditional positive regard.  Using empathy and compassion to help empower clients to step into any positive change is one of the primary tools I practices.  Positive change can look very different from one client to the next. Ultimately any interventions that can promote greater self love, authenticity, vulnerability and a higher level of functioning, are ones that I am willing to use and explore with clients.


When I am not working, I could likely be found kayaking the Green River, climbing in Linville Gorge, or foraging and hiking with my dog Parker.  Exploring and playing in nature is both grounding and therapeutic for myself, I try to incorporate that into my work as well.

Let’s Work Together

Wilson Bell, LCSWA, LCAS

BCBS, Cigna, Aetna


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