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Hannah Williams-Beaver, MAMFT, LMFTA
Marriage and Family Therapist

Wooden Board

About me....

I am a parent of one incredible human and a multi species flock of farm animals. I hoard nerd
knowledge, forage wild edible plants and mushrooms, spin wool from the sheep and into a
poorly knitted scarf, and occasionally engage in performative art.

I am proud of you for reaching out! I specialize in working with individuals and couples (romantic
partnerships of various configurations and sexualities) who experience anxiety and depression,
especially around issues of sexuality, intimacy, trauma, and attachment. Some of my favorite
folx to engage with are those exploring the spectrum of their gender identity and sexual
orientation, pregnancy related trauma, and ethical-non-monogamy.
We will work together to create goals that are unique to you, as well as to incorporate your own
spiritual/ethnic/cultural traditions. I approach therapy with curiosity, and hope that you will also be curious to explore the ways you have been shaped, how you engage with your community, and how you visualize your goals.


I approach therapy from a humanistic standpoint that looks to holistically incorporate a whole-
body experience; Utilizing trauma informed care, attention to context, intersectionality, and
social justice measures.
● Narrative Therapy
● Solution Focused Brief Therapy
● Expressive/Experiential Therapy
● Bowenian Family Therapy
● Attachment Theory
● Mindfulness/Somatic Body Work

Let’s Work Together

Hannah Williams-Beaver, MAMFT, LMFTA

Aetna, BCBS, Cigna

828- 412-3330

Coffee in Nature
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